Pig farms use industrial fans for ventilation and cooling


2022-03-11 14:24:03.950

Pork prices have continued to rise as pneumonia spreads rapidly across the country, with wholesale prices just 4% below November's record, due to reduced pork supplies due to African swine fever and transport restrictions following the coronavirus outbreak.




The price of live pigs will be at a high level in the past two years, and the potential of live pig breeding is huge, especially for farmers who want to enter the live pig industry or expand production capacity, next year will be a good opportunity. Now the country has introduced a large number of policies to support pig farming. Not only does it support pig raising in terms of land use, capital and technology, but the state also clearly proposes to support farmers in raising pigs.


Pig raising


With the continuous improvement of large-scale and intensive production of pig farms, the ventilation and cooling of pig houses has become more and more difficult and the primary problem.

The sources of high temperature in the pig house are:

1. The weather is hot in summer;

2. The hot gas in the pig house building cannot be effectively discharged;

3. Pigs themselves can produce heat.

In order to reduce the risk and loss of disease, improve the growth rate of live pigs in summer, and improve the feed conversion rate, it is necessary to control the temperature in the pig house to be below 28 ℃ after cooling down through industrial fan ventilation, and to keep the dirty inside the pig house. Air is expelled, reducing the chance of transmission of digestive tract, respiratory tract and infectious diseases. Install screens on the windows to prevent mosquitoes, reduce the probability of mosquito-borne diseases, and improve the sleep quality of live pigs. The pig house installed with industrial fans for ventilation and cooling can appropriately increase the breeding density of live pigs.


Industrial Fan


Industrial fans have the characteristics of low energy consumption, low speed, low noise, large air volume, and durability. They have been used in workshops, logistics and storage at home and abroad for many years. A single industrial fan covers an area of ​​up to 1900 square meters, but the power is Only 1.5kw/h, the natural wind frequency of 1-3m/s is very popular among the masses, and the industrial fans with ten layers of safety guarantees make production more secure and employees more assured.



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