Dawang hvls fan for workshop cooling


High-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans are an effective solution for workshop and factory ventilation and cooling. These large industrial-sized fans are designed to circulate large volumes of air at low speeds, creating a more comfortable indoor environment for workers and improving air quality.

Large fans help the waiting room achieve ventilation and cooling


How to reduce the indoor virus infection rate in terminal buildings and waiting rooms with a large flow of people and relatively closed? Only strengthen indoor air circulation!

Application prospects of industrial large fans


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and economic level, employees' requirements for the working environment are getting higher and higher, but for business leaders, it is certainly not only the effect but also energy consumption, environmental protection and other issues, so more and more business leaders are more and more pursuing energy-efficient products. And high-efficiency, energy-saving and green products have always been our goal. Summer unconsciously arrived, summer is hot, what we need most is cool, fans, air conditioning just solve this problem.

Methods of ventilation and cooling in workshop


If the temperature in the workshop is too high,the personnel working in the workshop will be prone to heat stroke if the temperature is higher than the normal range for a long time,and the work efficiency will become lower.When the human body is in a high temperature environment,the sweat secretion rate in the body increases,which will cause the body to lose too much water,and it is even prone to dehydration.In the high temperature environment,it is also difficult for human beings to concentrate,resulting in lethargy,prone to mistakes,and causing unnecessary losses.Serious production accidents may even occur,resulting in unnecessary casualties.

Notice for New Year holidays


2021 is coming.Looking back on 2020,we have experienced the pain of the epidemic and moved forward with heavy burdens.We have learned to respect life and cherish the present!

How to prevent the safety hazards of industrial large fans in advance?


In recent years, more and more workshops, warehouses and logistics use large industrial fans for ventilation and cooling, which makes industrial fans a powerful tool to improve recruitment efficiency and reduce the turnover rate of front-line employees.

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