How to prevent the safety hazards of industrial large fans in advance?


In recent years, more and more workshops, warehouses and logistics use large industrial fans for ventilation and cooling, which makes industrial fans a powerful tool to improve recruitment efficiency and reduce the turnover rate of front-line employees.

Industrial fan ventilation and deodorization in waste incineration power plant


There are many ways to deal with garbage in my country, such as recycling, sanitary landfill, garbage incineration, composting, etc. Different types of garbage have different disposal methods. Now, waste incineration power generation has become the mainstream of waste treatment. Many cities centrally incinerate domestic waste to achieve reduction and harmlessness of waste. At the same time, the heat generated by waste combustion can generate electricity and realize waste recycling.

Stall Economy: Industrial Fans Help Increase Stall Revenue


A sudden new crown epidemic has affected the development of the global economy. For a time, many people are facing layoffs. As a result, some people reiterated the "street stall economy" between the two sessions. One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and the "street stall economy" blossomed everywhere in an instant.

3,000 tons of tea leaves were brewed in Anhui tea companies. How do tea companies preserve tea leaves in the face of heavy rain?


Recently, a short video titled "3,000 tons of tea in Shexian flood disaster tea company was brewed, lost 90 million yuan, and the person in charge cried bitterly" has attracted widespread attention from netizens.

Pig farms use industrial fans for ventilation and cooling


Pork prices have continued to rise as pneumonia spreads rapidly across the country, with wholesale prices just 4% below November's record, due to reduced pork supplies due to African swine fever and transport restrictions following the coronavirus outbreak.

Large industrial fans, super large industrial fans, experts distinguish fish and dragons like this!


The large industrial fan has brought a cool breeze to the workshop, warehousing and logistics. Now other tall spaces, such as bus station waiting rooms, indoor basketball halls and other places are in use. Now there are many large fans with similar external shapes but different internal structures on the market. In fact, they are still very particular.



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