The industrialization must bring global energy nervous, as the main factors, the energy saving of industrial factory is imperative

Large factory energy consumption is directly related to ventilation system.The quality of the ventilation and cooling is also the key indicator

The workshops usually has brick-concrete, brick-concrete iron roof and steel structure. Due to span and height, the temperature can up to 1040F due to heat absorption,equipment and staff. Large workshop also has poor air circulation and pollution.

Poor environment affects the health, let employees leave in summer, difficult to recruit new, so it is particular important to improve the environment

Due to the heat and steam cannot be discharged in time , they will accumulate then increase the temperature . The solutions to these problems is the suitable ventilation system.

The employees have high labor intensity and mobility, the effect of small fans is bad,it can not air circulation in the large space. The air conditions cost will be higher. How to control the cost , improve the environment and work efficiency are the problems to be solve urgently.

Dawangfans can cool 5 ℃ -15 ℃ in different climate regions.and The air is 100% fresh after the moisture evaporated and filtered, increase the oxygen to 70%. The heat, muggy or other environmental problems in the workshop can be eliminated

Dawang fans(24ft) coverage is about 16145ft2.The streamlined variable-section blades drives massive airflow forms the cone air to the floor.Meanwhile,It solves the high energy consumption of air condition and pedestal fan.

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