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In order to protect our customers, Dawangfan guarantee :
1.The unique blade design ensures the fan will not apart or falling when emergency.
2.Patented connection ensures the fan will not falling under any circumstances unless the building collapses.
3.Any non-standard operation will not cause the fan falling. 

1.During the warranty period,if the fan failure or quality problems,we will respond within 24 hours. 
2.During the warranty period,for problems that need to be dealt with on site, we will send technicians to the site within 48 hours.If the failure is caused by the quality,we provides free after-sales maintenance service until the problem is solved. 
3.During the warranty period, when a safety accident occurs due to the fan design, manufacture, installation etc, we will take all responsibilities. 
4.After the warranty period,we will continue to provide maintenance,failure or regular maintenance services,and we only charge the accessories and labor costs.

After-sales service

Dawangfan devotes to providing the ecological environment,automation control and intelligent building IoT service solutions to maintain and improve the reliability,productivity,comfort and operating efficiency. We have designed customer support services to choose the professional knowledge and resources according to your needs to keep the environment healthy. 

Customization Service 
1)Customized solutions according to the environment Customized on-site services solve the air problems in production and life,so as to improve your production efficiency and environmental comfort,so that daily production can be carried out orderly. 
2)Customized long-term operation plan for aging facilities As environmental improvement facilities age,it is more risks and longer downtime.Our field service can help you make long-term plans and supports. 
3)Remote data control customization The intelligent control box can access data easily,through our predictive analysis,proactive technical support and maintenance strategy and on-site service intervention coordination,reduce maintenance costs and prolong system uptime as much as possible in order the data can run normally.



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