It only takes 2 minutes to quickly understand how many watts of industrial fans are in general


Industrial fans are mainly used for ventilation and cooling in workshops, logistics and express delivery. They are divided into industrial large fans, industrial horn fans and industrial floor fans.

How much is a large industrial ceiling fan in the waiting room?


Because the high density of people in the waiting room can release a lot of dust, odor and carbon dioxide, and produce a variety of microbial bacteria

Industrial ceiling fan PK industrial floor fan


As commonly used summer cooling equipment, industrial ceiling fans and industrial floor fans are widely used in workshops, warehouses, waiting rooms, supermarkets and other places. Next, compare the two in terms of controlling energy costs, improving environmental comfort, and improving inventory integrity, and choose a more suitable economical ventilation and cooling solution.

Sources of noise from large industrial ceiling fans


Large Industrial Ceiling Fans are generally installed in factories, and the working environment of factories is generally noisy, so there is no noise generated by large industrial ceiling fans.

How to improve the cooling effect of industrial large ceiling fans


In the early stage of construction, cooling has always been considered a major issue, especially those large factories where high temperature easily affects the operation and production efficiency of equipment, and large industrial ceiling fans need to be customized.

The usefulness of large industrial fans


Factory is an important place for the production of goods and goods, and the production site pays attention to safety. Therefore, a place like a factory naturally needs various equipment to ensure and maintain the production of goods in the factory.



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