Stall Economy: Industrial Fans Help Increase Stall Revenue


2022-03-11 14:25:56.648

A sudden new crown epidemic has affected the development of the global economy. For a time, many people are facing layoffs. As a result, some people reiterated the "street stall economy" between the two sessions. One stone stirred up a thousand waves, and the "street stall economy" blossomed everywhere in an instant.

How to set up a stall quickly? It became a hot topic among netizens for a while.

No supply? Look for Alibaba and JD.com. What to buy? Look for Ali. How to store the goods? Find Suning. No funds? Look for Alibaba, JD.com, Suning, Meituan, and Pinduoduo. No customers? Look for Meituan and Tencent. How to increase the income of the stall in summer? Find an industrial fan.

In the high temperature in summer, many people like to eat outdoors, because the outdoor environment is more comfortable than indoors, and there are occasional gusts of breeze blowing, which is very pleasant, so how to make this breeze continue to blow? The "smart ventilation" developed by the Dawang ventilation technical team Vertical industrial fans" can be achieved.



After repeated design, optimization and experimentation, the vertical industrial fan was finally successfully launched. Its diameter is 2.5-4.9m, and the wind force is 1-3m/s natural wind frequency. A vertical industrial fan can cover a radius of up to 18 meters, and the power is only 1.5kw/h. It occupies a small area and can meet the needs of outdoor ventilation and cooling. Billboards, lighting, fence seats, etc. can also be set on the fan pole.

The advanced aerodynamic principle and streamlined variable-section process fan blades can achieve the function of pushing a large amount of air to the ground, forming a horizontal movement of the airflow layer at a certain height on the ground, thereby promoting the overall air circulation. The airfoil fan blades rotate slowly in the air, forming a continuous and silent breeze, skipping the human skin, creating a cool alley-like feeling.

The opportunity of the stall economy is fleeting, what are you waiting for? Let us work hard for a better life and become rich together!



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