How to prevent the safety hazards of industrial large fans in advance?


2022-03-11 14:27:18.766

In recent years, more and more workshops, warehouses and logistics use large industrial fans for ventilation and cooling, which makes industrial fans a powerful tool to improve recruitment efficiency and reduce the turnover rate of front-line employees.

The safety of industrial large fans is very important in the process of use, and its safety performance directly affects the production safety of enterprises. The safety of industrial large fans includes the safety performance of the product itself and the maintenance during use.



The safety performance includes the connection method of each component, shock absorption buffer device, wire rope protection, fan blade material, abnormal alarm system, etc. The safer connection method of the various components of the industrial large fan is the tenon-and-mortise connection, and the safer material of the fan blade is the aviation-grade aluminum plate. The one-piece integrated hub is safer than the one-piece one.

Relevant regulations must be strictly followed when installing industrial large fans, especially in flammable and explosive places. If static electricity or sparks are generated by illegal operations, it will cause explosion or fire.

Maintenance includes regular maintenance, cleaning of dust, adding lubricating oil, checking fan cracks, etc.

The contents of regular maintenance include electrical circuits, screws, bearings, insulation capacity of insulating materials, motor grounding devices, etc. Dust can reduce insulation, so it is important to regularly clean dust and sludge from the outside of the motor base. The traditional geared motor needs to be lubricated, so it should be cleaned or replaced to the designated location every 3-6 months. Cracks will reduce the risk resistance of the fan, so it is necessary to check before use or periodically.

If the motor head of the industrial fan is found to be shaking during use, the power must be turned off immediately and repaired in time. When the speed, power, air volume, and noise are abnormal, they must be repaired in time to prevent the increase of the risk factor.



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