Express warehouse large industrial fans

The warehousing industry is one of the important sub-sectors of the circulation industry, and the storage and custody of commodities is the main business form.

Warehouse types can be classified into warehouse-centric (static) and circulation-centric (dynamic) warehouses according to their functions. Traditional static storage service providers provide reliable, low-cost static storage services. The dynamic warehousing service is more inclined to the consumer market, mainly for circulation rather than long-term storage in custody, so it pays more attention to the efficiency of warehouse storage. Due to the emphasis on the consumer market, there are many types of goods in dynamic storage, and the number of single goods is small, but the professional requirements for storage operations and management are high.

From the perspective of building structure, the warehouse area of ​​bungalows and buildings in my country accounts for 75% of the total warehouse area, while the three-dimensional warehouse only accounts for 25%. No matter what kind of structure the warehouse will encounter the problem of ventilation, cooling and dehumidification.

Some people think that the moisture-proof design of the logistics express storage and transportation warehouse is relatively simple. Isn't it enough to open the warehouse door and windows for ventilation? I can't agree with this statement. Natural ventilation and dehumidification do not require mechanical equipment, no electricity, and save investment, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. However, it ignores the limitations of natural ventilation and dehumidification. It is greatly affected by environmental conditions and weather conditions outside the warehouse!

A large express warehouse in Kunshan is a one-storey warehouse, and it is facing the choice of ventilation, cooling and dehumidification. Taking into account the specific conditions and actual working conditions of the logistics express storage and transportation warehouse, they all hope to find a method of cooling and moisture prevention. The operation is simple and easy. It can be completed quickly, and the cost is within an acceptable range, and the moisture-proof validity period should be a little longer. If it is re-implemented in a few months, the labor cost will increase accordingly, and it will be negative for large logistics express storage and transportation centers. The impact is also great.

Practice has proved that large industrial fans are particularly effective in cooling, ventilation and dehumidification. The express chose Dawang Ventilation Industrial Fans. After a period of trial operation, the effect exceeded the expectations of the express management personnel, and the ventilation, cooling and dehumidification without blind spots was particularly recognized.



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