Agricultural Machinery factory PMSM Industrial fans

According to preliminary statistics,our country's agricultural mechanization rate in 2019 was 69%,the mechanical seeding rate,mechanical harvest rate and mechanical tillage rate were 56%,61% and 84%.The mechanization rate of the three major food crops,rice,corn and wheat was 81%,88%,95%.At present,the level of agricultural mechanization in developed countries generally exceeds 90%,the rate of agricultural mechanization in the United States,Japan and South Korea has reached more than 99%.Therefore,our country's agricultural machinery industry still has great development potential.

The agricultural machinery factory in Yuyao is the technologically innovative manufacturer integrating UAV design,development,production,sales and service.The agricultural machinery factory covers more than 30,000 square meters area and currently employs more than 200 peoples.

The mold workshop of agricultural machinery factory is sweltering and difficult in summer.The heat source mainly comes from the climate and large amount of mechanical equipment inside the workshop.Moreover,the top floor of workshop does not have good insulation measures, the labor intensity of the operators is very high.These factors Continue to test the staff's endurance.The new generation of workers are mainly born in the 80s or 90s,they have higher requirements on the working environment of the workshop,the workshop is too hot to increase the difficulty of recruiting.At the same time,workshop environmental issues have affected the company's overall image,customer factory inspections and fire inspections,further restricted the company's development.

As we all know,the cool environment is not only achieved by refrigeration equipment,but also through the blowing to evaporate the sweat on the body to achieve cooling.The agricultural machinery factory decided to use Dawang PMSM Industrial fans to realize the ventilation and cooling of the workshop and improve the working environment.

The natural ventilation concept of Dawang PMSM Industrial fan combines with the design of aviation wings,blowing large amount of air through fan blades,slowly blowing the three-dimensional circulating wind.The breeze speeds up the evaporation of sweat on the human body surface,reduces the temperature in the workshop by 5-8°C.

Cooling working environment has become a great tool for recruitment of the agricultural machinery factory.



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