Manufacturing facility industrial large fans

The workers complain the continuous high temperature has been challenging the heat resistance of the human body when summer.The continuous sweat loss of the workers has caused large loss of physical strength and the efficiency has dropped significantly.The odor and dust during during the production also harm the workers’ health.

How to improve the efficiency in summer has always troubled the enterprise,and the management staff has also been searching cost effective ventilation and cooling solutions.Use traditional methods such as horn fans,coolers,etc can not really alleviate the heat,while high energy consumption.

As more and more factory use industrial fans to alleviate the high temperature in the workshop in summer,this factory intend to use the industrial ceiling fans to reduce the temperature of the workshop and increase the workers’ enthusiasm.

The large industrial fan is known for its low speed high volume.It is tapered from top to bottom to drive the air three-dimensional circulation.It alternates with the outdoor fresh air to evaporate the sweat,so that the body feeling drops 41-47℉.At the same time,through the air circulation,the dust and odor are brought out of the workshop,the workshop would be in a green and healthy environment.

After inspections by multiple manufacturers,this factory highly recognized the Dawang industrial fan,especially variable-section streamlined aviation blades and full tenon and mortise structure,which greatly strengthened the industrial fan Safety performance,this factory invits Dawang engineers to come to customize the ventilation and cooling solutions.

After the workshop,Dawang engineers make the solution to install 18 sets industrial large fans according to the area,layout,personnel and equipment density.After the implementation of the program,the large air volume swept the workshop stuffy,completely alleviating a series of stuffy,dust,odor and other problems,the production enthusiasm of workers has been greatly improved.



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