Household appliances industrial hvls ceiling fan

Household appliances are the comprehensive manifestation of new materials,new processes,and new technologies,which applied to household appliances in related industries quickly.Modern home appliance parts have been professionally produced,and the assembly production is continuous and automated.The production capacity is hundreds of thousands sets per year.

This home appliance factory is the brick wall structure,densely personals,much equipment and low oxygen.In summer,the outdoor temperature up to 106-115℉,the weather is sultry and humidity.The workers are easy to sweat,coupled with some engine oil and chemicals in the production process,heat temperature can accelerate their evaporation speed,these molecules diffused in the air will cause the poor environment.

Due to the poor ventilation and cooling in the workshop,the air quality cannot meet the industrial production requirements,and it also poses the threat to the health.The air quality problem in the workshop need to be resolved urgently for high productivity.

Choosing a suitable cooling solution can not only solve the environmental problems completely, such as heat,sultry,poor ventilation,low oxygen and odor,but also save the costs.This company learned that industrial hvls ceiling fan can solve the environmental problems of its production workshop,and the energy consumption is much lower than other ventilation and cooling equipment.

After visiting many fan manufacturers,this home appliance company invited our engineers to custom the solutions for them,to solving the environmental problems efficiently in their workshops.

Our engineers customize a solution for installing 10sets 24ft industrial hvls ceiling fan,which circulates the air well and remove oil and pollution.The total cost is 50% lower than the central air conditions,80% power-saving than the exhaust fan.



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