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As a stadium with more complete facilities and more advanced hardware facilities in the existing venues in Texas, the main court of Desheng Huangcheng Basketball Park, which covers an area of 2600 square meters, adopts multi-layer buffering and shock-absorbing keels. The laying of the wooden floor in the venue has a good sense of venue, which is not only conducive to protecting the knees, but also avoids unnecessary sports injuries.



De Saint Emperor Orange Basketball Park

Desheng also has the black technology of the stadium - AI video captures goals, through artificial intelligence algorithms, multi-angle, all-round editing and display of every goal moment! According to big data analysis, automatic editing generates multi-camera goal collections, You can also share it at will, with BGM and cool special effects, let the circle of friends witness wonderful moments!




De Saint AI video captures goal

Dezhou City is located in the northwest of Shandong Province, on the north side of the lower reaches of the Yellow River, between 115°45'-117°36' east longitude and 36°24'25"-38°0'32" north latitude. Dry and wet, with clear boundaries, hot and rainy in summer. In summer, the indoor basketball hall is not only hot and dry, but also the wooden floor is easily damaged due to direct sunlight, poor ventilation, and slippery in the rainy season. Although Desheng installed air conditioners, the indoor ventilation problem has always plagued the management staff.

Desheng managers have been looking for large-scale ventilation equipment in order to solve the problems caused by climate, ventilation, and high energy consumption of air-conditioning caused by tall buildings. With a stable torque of 260N.m and a full-load air volume of up to 15072m/min, Dawang ventilation super fans are favored by Desheng managers. The high-efficiency and energy-saving standard of IE4, the lifetime maintenance-free motor that does not need to replace the oil and oil seal, and the patented structure design of the key parts of the tenon-and-mortise connection are highly recognized by the management staff of Desheng!

It's more fun to play under the super fan

It's more fun to play under the super fan

Dawang ventilation engineer made an installation plan according to the arrangement and height of the basketball court, and installed 3 sets of W.FANS series super-large fans. The air circulation with low speed, high air volume and no dead angle eliminates the high temperature and sultry in the basketball hall, balances the air humidity, improves the oxygen content of the basketball hall, and reduces the indoor bacterial concentration.

In summer, when the super fan and air conditioner are used at the same time, the temperature of the air conditioner can be appropriately increased by 2-3°C, and the overall energy consumption can be reduced by 30%, which is highly appreciated by the management of Desheng!



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