Food machinery workshop large HVLS industrial fan

Our country's food machinery industry has been in development for more than 40 years since late 1970s.It is an emerging industry that directly improve the life quality,to equip large-scale agriculture and improve the economic development.

With the development of food industry,the position of food machinery in the industry is becoming more and more important.This shanghai food machinery factory has more than ten years.It mainly produces high-viscosity pasta machinery,such as steaming machine,rice cake machine,glutinous rice skin forming machine,mixer,vortex,screw conveyor,tunnel sterilization machine,beater, cooking,sedimentation tank etc.

The workshop of food machinery factory is the brick-concrete structure with iron sheets on the top,which can easily absorb sunlight.In summer,the internal temperature of the workshop is up to forty degrees.The staff sweat a lot in this high temperature environment and prone to collapse.Lack of concentration,low work efficiency and prone to safety accidents.

In order to relieve the high temperature in summer and improve work safety,the food machinery factory has been looking for a suitable and economical ventilation and cooling solution.When they learn about Dawang HVLS Industrial large fans with low energy consumption and high volume,they decide to adopt this ventilation cooling scheme.

Dawang Industrial fan is known for its energy saving,intelligence,quality,aviation-grade airfoil blades,up to 1,900 square meters,touch screen control box can control all fans with one button,simple and convenient.

After installing the HVLS fans,the environmental problems have been solved,work efficiency has been correspondingly improved,the process has been improved simultaneously.



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