Eaton workshop big industrial ceiling fans

As a global leading power management company in the US Fortune 500,Eaton is committed to improving the life quality and environment by providing more reliable, efficient and safe power management technologies.Eaton provides varieties of energy efficient solutions to help customers manage electricity,fluid and mechanical power more efficiently,safely and sustainably.

Eaton has a large workshop with number of processing equipment which cause plenty of heat. Eaton has a large production workshop,a large number of processing equipment,and a large amount of heat.Especially when processing a large number of chemicals,the oil is volatile and forms oil mist indoors.It is neither safe nor environmentally friendly.The environment needs effective and obvious improvement.

Eaton learns that large industrial fans can generate continuous,three-dimensional circulating wind through large blades,feel the similar natural breeze, which makes the temperature difference 41-46℉on the surface of the human skin,discharge the heat,odor and smoke out quickly.

After comparing with many industrial fan manufacturers, Eaton invited our engineers to the site to customize the ventilation and cooling solutions.After the implementation,large cool and fresh air can be evenly distributed to all the area,to achieve a well cooling of personnel and environment.



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