Optical factory uses industrial fans to prevent spontaneous combustion of titanium powder raw materials

With the rapid development of my country's economy, myopia is becoming more and more younger. With the continuous increase of the myopic population, the improvement of the social aging degree and the enhancement of health care awareness, a huge glasses market will be formed in China, and at the same time, it has huge growth potential. In the future, the market demand for smart glasses products will grow rapidly, which makes the future smart glasses product market have a large development space and high growth potential.

Titanium powder is the raw material for making glasses. It is explosive and will burn and explode when exposed to heat, open flame or chemical reaction. In July 2008, a fire broke out in a glasses factory in Chen Yu, Yuhuan, because titanium powder spontaneously ignited under high temperature. Firefighters remind the majority of enterprises that in the hot summer, the storage of raw material warehouses must pay attention to ventilation and cooling.




For safety, titanium powders are usually stored with not less than 25% water wetted and passivated. It must be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse, away from fire and heat sources, the storage temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, and the relative humidity should not exceed 80%. Keep container tightly closed to avoid exposure to air. It should be stored separately with oxidants, acids, halogens, etc., never mixed. Corresponding types and quantities of fire-fighting equipment shall be equipped at the same time, and the storage area shall be equipped with suitable materials to contain leakage.

A glasses factory specializes in flat frame, metal frame, titanium frame glasses frame, and can produce various surface effects. New products with super tactile and visual impact such as laser grain and wood grain have excellent decorative and practical functions. Through continuous innovation, the company has successively cooperated with many foreign manufacturers of finished glasses and trading companies, and has successfully witnessed many trendy brands to carry out their advantages.

Out of focus on safe production and safe storage of raw materials, in the hot summer, the glasses factory introduced industrial fans for ventilation and cooling. In order to reduce the maintenance cost of the motor in the later stage, the glasses factory chose the Dawang ventilation W.Fans series industrial fans. W.Fans series is a new type of HVLS industrial fan based on PMSM permanent magnet synchronous principle, which is maintenance-free for life and does not need to replace oil and oil seal.

Before the introduction of industrial fans, the glasses factory mainly used household fans for ventilation and cooling, one fan per workstation. In order to make these fans operate normally, the interior of the workshop was full of wires, which increased the safety hazard of production. The domestic fan inside the warehouse cannot achieve the overall cooling of the warehouse, so that the internal temperature is always high, and the storage of raw materials is always at risk.

After using industrial fans, not only do you not need to pull wires everywhere, but the overall cooling workshop and warehouse also greatly improve the comfort of employees and the safety of raw material storage.



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