Plastic factory industrial big fan

With the acceleration of the construction of new socialist countryside and the process of urbanization, the urbanization rate has been continuously improved, which has promoted the rapid growth of demand for a series of plastic products such as plastic pipes, profiled materials, artificial leather, and synthetic leather. The development of general plastics manufacturing industry, technological innovation and management innovation have greatly stimulated market vitality.

After decades of rapid development, my country's plastic products industry has continued to develop and change in the process of industrial restructuring, transformation and upgrading. At present, my country's plastic processing has entered a new stage of further development.

A plastic factory is an injection molding factory that opens molds for automotive interior accessories, electronic appliances, instrumentation, fitness and medical equipment, industrial and daily-use related plastic products. A professional modern company that integrates parts, injection molding products and post-processing of the appearance of injection molding products, as well as assembly. The annual production capacity of injection molds is more than 100 sets, and the injection molding processing capacity is 3 million pieces. The company covers an area of ​​3,500 square meters.

The plastic factory has a large number of heating equipment, which is the main reason for the high temperature and sweltering heat in the workshop in summer. At the same time, the plastic will emit a lot of pungent smell during the production process, which not only affects the work efficiency of the workers, but also causes the workers to suffer. occupational disease. The production environment cannot be improved, resulting in a large flow of personnel, which virtually increases the labor cost of the factory.

In order to reduce labor costs, the plastics factory decided to improve the production environment for workers and actively look for ventilation and cooling equipment. In order to achieve a good ventilation and cooling effect, the factory decided to adopt the overall cooling scheme of the workshop to solve the problem of high temperature and odor in the workshop at one time.



After many consultations and investigations, the plastics factory decided to use Dawang ventilation industrial large fans to solve the problem of working environment. After the large industrial fan settled in the workshop of the plastic factory, the large fan blades with a diameter of 7.3 meters swept away the high temperature and odor in the workshop, and the workers felt cool and comfortable.

The large air volume of 14130m3/min of a single unit drives the airflow in the workshop, and the airflow flows through every dead corner, bringing high temperature, odor and humidity out of the workshop, and bringing fresh air from outside the workshop into the workshop. The wind speed of 1-3 m/s is like the alley wind in childhood, and it is comfortable to blow on the body. The energy consumption of 1.5kw/h has been greatly recognized by the factory, which saves 70% of the electricity bill compared to the previously installed horn fan. At the same time, the long shelf life and service life save more maintenance costs.



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