Auto Parts Warehouse large ceiling fans

The storage of auto parts is an important link in the field of auto circulation and production.Auto parts are mainly metal,cork and plastic.The warehouse where metal products are stored should have relatively tight doors,windows and ventilation holes to anti-dust and moisture and not suitable for sun and rain,which should be controlled the relative humidity and temperature in the warehouse.

Generally to speak,the relative humidity should not exceed 70%,and the temperature should be within 10℃~30℃.The relative humidity of the warehouse for storing bearings,tools and precision instruments should not exceed 60%,the relative humidity of warehouse for storing soft wood should be 40% to 70%,to the plastic products,especially the glue should not exceed 25℃ Store in a dedicated warehouse.

Maintaining the proper temperature and humidity of the warehouse can prevent the corrosion. At present,there are many methods to adjust the temperature and humidity,but the economic and simple method is natural ventilation and dehumidification,but natural ventilation requires certain conditions.

The foreign-owned auto parts warehouse hopes to use the large industrial ceiling fan to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity of the warehouse,so that the air in the warehouse can be continuously circulated,reduce the temperature in the warehouse and the retention of indoor turbid air and moisture.

After the investigations,the auto parts warehouse management decide to use the customized cooling and ventilation of energy saving,safety and intelligence of our large industrial ceiling fan.

Dawangfans engineers customize 30units large industrial ceiling fans according to the area,equipment and personnel concentration of the warehouse.After the implementation of the solution,three-dimensional air supply and air circulation swept the high temperature,sultry,heat and humidity in the warehouse.The unimpeded circulation of fresh air increased the oxygen content in the warehouse and was recognized by the company's management.



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