Stamping workshop Industrial cooling Fans

The stamping workshop in Hubei is steel structure.The workshop is tall with large number of stamping machine.When these equipment are operated at the same time, there will be massive heat generated.Due to the poor ventilation of the stamping workshop,when the summer comes,large heat will accumulate in the room.Workers sweat and feel poor at work.The employee turnover rate is very serious,which has become a bottleneck restricting the development of enterprise.

The managers considers to use central air conditioning,but face with the high cost,they could only look for other ventilation and cooling solutions.After comparing varieties of ventilation and cooling solutions,the manager decides to use industrial fans to solve this difficult problem.

Using the industrial large fan cooling solution save 70% cost than horn fan,and using Dawang industrial large fan can save 90%.The stamping workshop conducts the trial operation of Dawang large industrial fan.

After trial operation, the Industrial cooling fans pushes the airflow from top to the bottom in a conical to the ground.After reaching the ground,the airflow moves horizontally.When it encounters horizontal airflow or obstruction,it is pushed to the top of the workshop or vent,exchange with outside fresh air,reducing the workshop temperature by 41-47℉.

The results of trial operation is excellent,then more Industrial cooling fans were installed in other workshops,which greatly reduced the turnover rate of employees.



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