Large ceiling fan in workshop of a machinery factory in Hubei

The human body will have a series physiological functions changes when working at high temperatures These changes can be gradually adapted within the range,but when it exceeds and with no any personal protection (such as thermal insulation clothing,high temperature hood etc.),there will be serious consequences.

Engaging in manual labor at high temperatures will greatly increase the sweat,the main components of sweat are water,inorganic salts and vitamins,so a lot of sweating has a significant impact on the body's water and salt metabolism.When the lost water is not replenished in time,symptoms such as weakness,increased pulse,water imbalance and salt will appear,reducing the work efficiency.

Under high temperature and heat radiation,the excitability of cerebral cortex regulation center increases.Due to the negative induction,the central nervous system motor function is suppressed,prone to industrial accidents.

With the development of the society,the workers have higher requirements on the working environment.If the workshop is too hot and the working environment is too poor,there will generally be a situation new employees are reluctant to come in and old employees can not stay

The workshop of this machinery factory in belongs to the steel structure.The plant area is large and the height is high.When the temperature is 95℉outdoors,the temperature in the plant may above 104℉,and the top may reach 122℉ or higher.

Due to the high cost of traditional air conditioner,the electricity cost is higher,the roof insulation can not solve the fundamental problem,the improvement effect is not good,the cooling of workshop become a big problem.

This machinery factory learn that large industrial ceiling fans can solve the high temperature problem.After many consultations,they hope our engineers can make the solutions.

The machine has large area and processing equipment,generated large heat.Especially large chemicals during the processing,the oil is volatile and forms oil mist in the indoors.Air environment requires effective and significant improvements.

The engineers decided to install 16 large industrial ceiling fans to solve the ventilation and cooling problems in the machinery factory.By using industrial fans,large amount of cold and fresh air was sent to spread evenly throughout the work area to achieve a good cooling and environment.

At the same time,do further oil mist environmental protection treatment,so as to improve the high temperature,oil mist and sultry problems of the workshop in one time.



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