Why Dawang Industrial Fan can cover more than 1500 square meters?


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Dawang industrial fan adopts unique fan design and advanced technology, which can achieve excellent performance and coverage.



Powerful wind

Dawang Industrial fan can generate strong winds and can produce massive air flow. This powerful wind allows the fan to cover larger areas and effectively push the air to a farther distance.

High -efficient fan design

Dawang industrial fans are with streamlined variable cross-section blades. By aerodynamic simulation analysis, adopting the theory of equal chord length, combined with the principle of relative linear velocity, a streamlined fan blade with variable cross-section has been designed. It varies along its length & gets narrower and thinner gradually from the blade root to blade tip. The force on the blades is more balanced, making blade moves air more uniformly without any holes underneath the fan. There is a precise angle limit in the buffer cavity. When the petiole and the buffer cavity are connected, it forms 0-1.5° upward slightly, which effectively eliminates the reverse force generated during fan running, and forms a cone-shaped airflow to achieve hole-free of the center and increase the coverage. Dawang industrial fan uses advanced fan design, making the air flow smoother and efficient. The blades and shapes of the fan are designed to minimize energy loss and wind resistance, thereby increase the transmission efficiency of wind.



Large -sized fan blades

Dawang Industrial fans unique streamlined cross-sectional aviation-grade alloy fan blades, Using 5052H32 high-grade 1.5MM aviation-grade aluminum alloy original sheet, fan diameter can reach 8 meters. It runs a large amount of air to the ground at low speed to form a huge airflow. Large-sized fan blades means that it can generate more air flow. Big blades help to generate the more air volume, making it can spread farther and wider.

Advanced fan power system

Dawang fan adopts advanced motor: PMSM motor, making sure the fans can run stably & constantly.

  1. More powerful: 260N.m amazing torque, stronger driving force, smoother torque
  2. More efficient: Unique outer rotor large torque design, which can control the accuracy with higher precision.

This power system provides sufficient stronger driving force, making sure the fan can maintain high-speed rotation and generate strong airflow, covering larger areas.

In summary, the reason why Dawang industrial fan can cover a area of more than 1,500 square meters is mainly due to its strong wind, efficient fan design, big size fan blades, and advanced motor systems. These characteristics make Dawang industrial fan a ideal choice for ventilation, and meet the needs widely.



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