The advantages of Dawang W series PMSM industrial big fan


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W.FANS series industrial large fans are new HVLS energy-saving ultra-large industrial fans independently developed by Dawangfan based on PMSM (PERMANENT MAGNET SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR) technology.



The features of Dawang W.Fans



1. More powerful: 260N.m amazing torque, stronger driving force, smoother torque

2.  More efficient: Unique outer rotor large torque design, which can control the accuracy with higher precision.)

3.  Low energy consumption: more than 30% energy-saving than traditional geared motors, meet IE4 high-efficiency energy-saving standards and GB30253-2013 national energy efficiency first-level standards.

4.  Free maintenance for life: completely sealed, no need to replace lubricating oil/oil seal and other accessories, saving a lot of post-maintenance costs.

5.  Ultra-low Noise: ultra-low volume, only the sound of the wind is echoing in your ears

6.  Low temperature-rise: the temperature-rise of the motor is less than 35 ° C, and the life of motor is longer!



1.  Easy debugging, built-in application macro, no need for self-learning

2.  Excellent performance, perfectly matching the operating parameters of the load motor.

3.  Low-noise operation, optimize algorithm control & start smoothly

4.  Safe and reliable, multiple protection programs are set inside to improve product life




1. Blade and petiole connection  

The petioles are made of 6061T6 aviation-grade alloy, processed by CNC precision coated whit polyurethane rubber after CNC precision processed (PU has high resilience, shock absorption, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, tear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and radiation resistance), which match the buffer cavity of blade perfectly. It can release the blade stress & airflow vibration efficiently when fan runs, and eliminate resonance, and this helps to reduce the motor load and prolong the motor life.

2. Petiole and hub connection

The petiole and the wheel/motor are integrated through the interlocking of the stepped concave-convex section, and the overall structure will withstand the centrifugal force when the fan runs, while all fasteners are not stressed.

3. Motor and flange connection

Anti-falling safety ring: 5 petioles are integrated with the upper cover of the motor to achieve the whole structures will bear the stress.

Anti-falling plate:The "concave" section of the flange and the "convex" section of the anti-falling ring are connected under the gravity to ensure the reliable connection between the motor flange and the motor.




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