During the epidemic,how does Dawang's large HVLS safety fan help to ventilate?


2022-01-10 10:57:15.613

When you think of coronavirus,do you think need the ventilation?If not,it’s time to use Dawang large HVLS safety fans to improve the ventilation.

Airlogists from EPA,CDC,NCBI,WHO and Science Daily said that ventilation is an effective way to help improve the overall indoor air quality.Ventilation means introducing fresh outdoor air,circulating it throughout the space,then exhausting the indoor air through the HVAC filter system.

The EPA emphasized the importance of using Dawang large HVLS safety fans to increase ventilation to reduce indoor air pollutants or the concentration of pollutants,including any viruses that may be present in the air.


Dawang large HVLS safety fans


How does natural ventilation work?

According to NCBI,natural ventilation can only promote the exchange of indoor and outdoor air through specific structural openings,such as windows,doors,solar chimneys,wind towers and ventilators.Although natural ventilation helps maintain good air quality,it cannot maintain uniform air temperature.



Can HVAC help ventilation?

Although HVAC systems help distribute air volume and maintain temperature,they are energy-intensive and costly,and they usually do not take in outside air.Both the CDC and NCBI point out that unless the ventilation air filters in the HVAC system are properly maintained,their saturation will lead to more potential microbial growth and odor problems.

How does DAWANG HVLS large safe fan help ventilation?

Dawang large HVLS safety fan makes up for the lack of natural ventilation or HVAC system,reduces temperature and fully optimizes ventilation.



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