Application prospects of industrial large fans


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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and economic level, employees' requirements for the working environment are getting higher and higher, but for business leaders, it is certainly not only the effect but also energy consumption, environmental protection and other issues, so more and more business leaders are more and more pursuing energy-efficient products. And high-efficiency, energy-saving and green products have always been our goal. Summer unconsciously arrived, summer is hot, what we need most is cool, fans, air conditioning just solve this problem.


Hot, smelly workshop

Although air conditioning and industrial fans are cooling equipment, the difference is still very large. The cooling effect of air conditioning is indeed better than other cooling equipment, but a series of problems such as high cost of air conditioning, large energy consumption, inconvenient installation and so on have become the biggest obstacle to the installation and use of enterprises, and the long-term use of air conditioning is unfavorable to the health of the human body, and the cleaning trouble is complicated: In addition, for some tall space places such as factory plants, pastures, etc. Air conditioning is not very suitable, but if you want to improve the poor ventilation of the plant, smoke and dust, the environment is stuffy and other issues, the use of air conditioning is not only unable to improve the factory environment to achieve ventilation effects, It will also increase the economic cost of enterprises. Therefore, the industrial fan has appeared, which is welcomed and loved by more and more people with its advantages of large coverage area, easy cleaning, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.


Dawang Industrial big fan

Dawang energy-saving industrial fan is a huge ceiling fan with a diameter of up to 7.3 meters! Can more efficiently promote a large amount of air movement, produce a large air volume, the speed of only 60RPM, can make the space form a movement, circulating air flow field, is currently unmatched by other equipment. Dawang Industrial large fan is an ideal ventilation and cooling equipment for such a large area of space in the factory. Its advantage is that its maximum diameter of 7.3 meters of fan blade, through the motor drive per minute only consumes 1 degree of electricity, can bring 15072 cubic meters of huge air volume, help plant ventilation at the same time, a full range of three-dimensional soothing air flow covers the human body, help employees cool down naturally, compared to air conditioning, ventilation fan can also promote the air circulation of the plant, and energy saving, help enterprises save money. The reason why industrial fans are more and more widely used is because of a series of utilities such as beautiful products, durable, maintenance-free, energy-efficient, soft and uniform wind speed, and large coverage area.

Industrial large fan application scenarios in various industries

The application prospect of industrial large fans is still very large, whether it is its special advantages (energy saving, coverage area, low noise, large air volume, etc.) or the industry coverage it can serve (machining, logistics and warehousing, sports venues, livestock farms, etc.), the prospect of industrial fans is broad enough, and the big king industrial fans do not stop at the summer cooling, we all know that commercial places often use central air conditioning more, but due to the large space area, summer air cooling is not obvious, poor body feeling; winter heating floating , the emergence of temperature stratification, high cost of central air conditioning, high operating costs, with the use of industrial fans, through the fan blade to drive the air conditioning spread, to achieve the ideal cooling effect; in winter, the use of industrial fan reversal function, the top hot gas pushed to the ground crowd, balance the indoor temperature, reduce heat waste.




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