Installation of large industrial fans


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Large industrial fans are strictly prohibited when installing high-strength bolts. If free penetration is not possible, the hole should be trimmed with a reamer. The larger diameter after trimming should be less than 1.2 times the diameter of the bolt. When repairing the hole, in order to prevent the iron needle from falling into the board seam, all the surrounding bolts should be tightened, and then the board seam should be sealed before reaming. Gas openings are prohibited. When installing high-strength bolts, the friction surface of the parts should be kept dry and should not be worked in the rain. Then, tighten up.


Large Industrial Fan


The main reason why the speed of large industrial fans slows down due to the large motor rotation resistance is the large internal resistance of the motor, and the reason for the increased resistance is that the motor is not lubricated enough. At this point, the technician must remove the fan blades and add solid lithium-based grease to the motor.
Bearings lack oil. In addition to lack of grease, the motor also increases drag and reduces the speed of large industrial fans. If the bearings of large industrial fans lack lubricating oil, the speed of ventilation and cooling equipment in the factory will slow down, which is more likely to cause short circuit between turns and overheating of the motor. In this case, the bearings of large industrial fans and rewinding resistors must be re-lubricated with grease.
The local ventilation and cooling effect of industrial ceiling fans is obvious. The cooling effect is proportional to the capacity, so the fan parameters can be determined. In addition, industrial ceiling fans have a three-dimensional air supply system. The air supply system can form a breeze with similar properties, so that the local space has better ventilation and cooling effect. We need to know that it is because of reliable quality and consistent performance that industrial ceiling fans can meet these standards, thereby effectively generating natural air circulation.
Industrial ceiling fans are produced with independent molds, and new engineering plastics or metals are used to prevent aging and ultraviolet rays. In addition, the self-developed all-copper core motor can achieve a normal service life of more than 10 years.
Industrial Fan King Ventilation Safety tells you that only products with comprehensive cost-effectiveness are suitable for purchase. Large industrial fans are used to cool large spaces, because using large industrial fans not only consumes less energy, but also effectively disperses high-speed airflow.



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