Ways to save on building cooling costs this summer


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    Jiangsu Dawang Ventilation Machinery Co., Ltd. (Dawang fan) independent research and development Super large new safe and energy-saving fan (HVLS), dedicated to solving the problems of ventilation, cooling and dehumidification in tall and large spaces. During the hot summer months, cooling costs can increase significantly as indoor spaces are kept cool. Dawang super-large safety energy-saving fans have cooperated with many different commercial and industrial types of places. Through the low-speed operation of Dawang large-scale safety and energy-saving fans, the air circulation inside the building is accelerated, forming a 2-3 level similar to the natural wind feeling, effectively regulating indoor temperature and humidity, improving Internal air quality, improve human comfort, and greatly reduce electricity costs compared with traditional ventilation and cooling solutions.

King Ventilation has a comprehensive list of great ways to improve energy efficiency and save building costs during the summer in the following list:

1. Efficient HAVC HVAC system and regular maintenance
2. The constant temperature is set to 24 degrees (OSHA standard 76 degrees Fahrenheit)
3. Air filter
4. King HVLS safety energy saving fan
5. Smart buildings
6. Improve the thermal insulation layer
7. Solar
8. Seal doors and windows
9. Use electrical appliances that generate heat during non-working hours

1. Efficient HVAC system and regular maintenance
    First, ensuring that you invest in the right commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system for your building or facility is key to reducing space cooling costs. Another important factor in reducing cooling costs is maintaining regular commercial HVAC maintenance, changing filters as needed and making any repairs as soon as a problem is identified, otherwise, your system will not be able to operate efficiently and will incur significant costs and may even require replacement HVAC system.


2. The constant temperature is set to 24 degrees (OSHA standard 76 degrees Fahrenheit)
    Standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommend that employers maintain workplace temperatures between 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit in order to provide an appropriate work environment for their employees. To reduce energy costs while providing a cool and comfortable workspace, try to average building temperatures by maintaining a constant temperature of 24 degrees during the summer. While you may want to be cooler, there are other ways to increase cooling air circulation in a building without turning down the thermostat.

3. Air filter
    When you want to improve air quality, using an air filter may seem simple. However, what you might not realize is that having a clean air filter also makes your fans more efficient, producing more airflow. By removing dust and other particles from the air, air filters help let more air into the space. Be sure to replace dirty air filters frequently to ensure your cooling system is always in top shape. Using a dirty filter that's expired for cleaning over a long period of time may actually cost you more.

air filter
air filter

4. King HVLS safety energy-saving fan
    Many people may not know what the HVLS safe energy-saving fan is, it represents low speed and high air volume. Dawang HVLS safety and energy-saving fans not only provide a large amount of stable air flow, but the low speed exerts less stress and strain on heavy components, which will greatly reduce your maintenance costs compared to high-speed fans. Dawang HVLS safety and energy-saving fans do not necessarily reduce the indoor temperature significantly by themselves, but when combined with air conditioners, they can reduce the body temperature very effectively, and they can circulate cold air to the whole space better than the air conditioner itself.


King HVLS Safety Energy Saving Fan

King HVLS safety energy-saving fan


5.Intelligent Building
    Smart buildings can reduce energy consumption by optimizing the cooling system in the building through automated controls. For example, use automatic lighting and cooling schedules to ensure lights and power are turned off when not needed. Or you can also set the King HVLS Safety Energy Saving Fan to a different speed, increasing the speed when more cycles are needed and decreasing the speed when not needed. By doing this, you can increase the energy efficiency of your building and reduce unnecessary costs.

6. Improve thermal insulation
    Improved insulation can significantly reduce the cooling (or heating) cost of a building. Better insulation helps keep heat outside in summer and keep buildings cool inside (and vice versa in winter). In this way, there is no need to turn on air conditioning or heating equipment, saving costs.

7. Solar energy
    Solar power is another money-saving tip, saving on cooling and heating costs. While the upfront price of solar can be higher, the cost savings can be considerable, especially for large facilities or buildings, by using solar panels to generate electricity rather than traditional fossil fuel methods, energy costs can be reduced while being more environmentally friendly.

8. Sealing doors and windows
    Similar to improving thermal insulation, properly sealing doors and windows can have a large impact on a building's cooling costs. Without an effective seal to prevent any drafts from entering the space, hot summer outside air entering the interior can greatly reduce the amount of cold air produced by existing fans or air conditioners.

9. Use electrical appliances that generate heat during non-working hours
    Large appliances with high power consumption tend to generate a lot of heat when in use, to keep the temperature down, it is best to use these appliances during non-working hours, such as early morning or evening, so that they are not inside during working hours Space generates unnecessary heat.

    To sum up, no matter the size of your building, there are plenty of ways to keep your interior cool during the summer months. Hopefully, with these tips, you will find the most suitable and correct ventilation solution.

    For more information on cooling cost savings, please visit our website www.dawangchina.cn or contact us at 4000869230.



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