What is the design principle of the blades of Dawang large safety industrial fans?


2022-03-11 14:29:15.048

    The first contact with Dawang large-scale safety industrial fan will be curious, five leaves, the speed is so slow, why is it so big wind? Yes, the number of blades is an important factor in fan performance, but blade material, length, width, etc. also affect the way the fan generates airflow.

    Dawang large-scale safety industrial fan blades are made of aviation-grade 1.5mm thick 5052 high-grade high-density aluminum alloy mother plate machining, laser, bending, butt welding molds are integrally formed. This aluminum alloy mother The inside of the plate is uniform and does not contain any impurities. The Dawang industrial fan blades made of 5052 high-grade aviation aluminum alloy motherboard have good flexibility and strength, and are bright and durable.

    Dawang large safety industrial fan blades are only 6.7 kg (diameter 7.3M) each, and the total weight of 5 blades is 33.5 kg. Dawang fan blades are odd-numbered blades, so that the axis is asymmetrical, has good dynamic balance, can avoid resonance, lower noise, more stable during operation, and prevent blades from breaking and falling. Simply put, this principle can be seen in the wheel hub of the car tire and the propeller of the aircraft, which are all odd numbers. The concept of Dawang large safety fan design also comes from this.

    Dawang large-scale safety industrial fan blade aluminum material has been tested by relevant departments and can withstand a tensile force of more than 3 tons. Even if the blade tip is hit by an external force, the impact force on the blade root is about 3600N/M , the safety factor is still more than 10 times, which can effectively ensure that the blade will not break and fall when it is suddenly impacted by external forces. In order to make the air flow uniformly along the length of the blade along the radial direction, the equal chord length theory requires that the product of the linear velocity of each transverse section of the blade along the length direction and the blade width of the cross section should be kept constant. The design follows the equal chord length theory. The large-scale industrial fan blades move from the center point to the blade tip along the length direction. The blade is designed from wide to narrow (304-186mm) and from thick to thin (43mm-21mm) to ensure that the pressure of the entire blade is balanced and realizes the blade tip, blade The middle and blade roots are evenly supplied with air, and there is no cavity in the center of the fan.

    Dawang large-scale safety industrial fan blades are connected with the petiole by riveting, and each blade is fixed and riveted with the petiole with 16 rivets, which reduces the shear force on the vacancy of each blade, and the Each rivet is designed to carry a shear force of 1.5 tons and a tensile force of 800 kg.

    Dawang large industrial fan blades are small in number and light in weight, reduce motor load, prolong service life, and save energy. The blade is designed with variable cross-section to generate large air volume, three-dimensional soft natural wind level 2-3, full-speed air volume up to 15072m3/min, covering an area of ​​more than 2000 square meters.

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