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Selection of Inverter for Large Industrial Fans


It is recommended to install both central air conditioners and large industrial fans in commercial places such as waiting rooms, showrooms, gyms, etc. Large industrial fans can be used alone in spring and autumn to reduce the body temperature, remove moisture and mold, and prevent the floor from slipping.

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2021, the start of construction is great Today is a good day We're ready for the new year!

Dawang Ventilation won the "Top Ten Technology Innovation Enterprises in 2020"


On March 1, 2021, the Party Working Committee and Office of Yanqiao Street held a high-quality development re-start and the 2020 Advanced Commendation Conference in Wuyun Theater.

The role of industrial fans ceiling fans


Employees who are exposed to sweltering environments for a long time may easily lose the balance of the body's temperature balance mechanism, which may even lead to electric shocks.

Safety of using large industrial fans in workshops


large industrial fanbecause of its good ventilation and cooling It is widely used in manufacturing industry.

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