Why Dawang Industrial Fan can cover more than 1500 square meters?


Dawang industrial fan adopts unique fan design and advanced technology, which can achieve excellent performance and coverage.

Why Choose Dawang HVLS Industrial Big Fan


What’s HVLS Industrial Big Fan? HVLS is the first letters abbreviation of High Volume & Low Speed, which means large air volume and low -speed (50 ride \ minute) super large frequency conversion industrial fan.

The advantages of Dawang D series geared industrial big fan


D.Fans series industrial large fan is a new type of HVLS energy-saving super large industrial fan independently developed by Dawangfan based on the principle of aerodynamics.

The advantages of Dawang W series PMSM industrial big fan


W.FANS series industrial large fans are new HVLS energy-saving ultra-large industrial fans independently developed by Dawangfan based on PMSM (PERMANENT MAGNET SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR) technology.

Dawang hvls fan for workshop cooling


High-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans are an effective solution for workshop and factory ventilation and cooling. These large industrial-sized fans are designed to circulate large volumes of air at low speeds, creating a more comfortable indoor environment for workers and improving air quality.

Large fans help the waiting room achieve ventilation and cooling


How to reduce the indoor virus infection rate in terminal buildings and waiting rooms with a large flow of people and relatively closed? Only strengthen indoor air circulation!

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