Why Choose Dawang HVLS Industrial Big Fan


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What’s HVLS Industrial Big Fan? HVLS is the first letters abbreviation of High Volume & Low Speed, which means large air volume and low -speed (50 ride \ minute) super large frequency conversion industrial fan. In modern society fast development's today, the application of industrial fans is becoming more and more widely, including manufacturing workshops, logistics and warehousing, public places (automobile stations, docks, airports, stadiums, commercial complex, shopping malls, school audiences, gym, leisure Clubs, Internet bars, government affairs halls, etc.), agricultural and pasture (planting fields, animal pastures) and other tall spaces, can effectively achieve the overall space air flow, but also beautiful and durable and not occupying space.
Dawang Brand HVLS Industrial fans have large diameters & low speed, which can generate massive amount of airflow, effectively improving indoor air quality and effectively improving indoor air quality and temperature distribution. The following are several important reasons for choosing Dawang Fans.  


1.Providing full range of air flow
The diameter of Dawang HVLS industrial fan is usually more than 2 meters, which can cover a large area of space. In the industrial environment, the large fan can evenly blow the air downward, forming a full range of air flow. This kind of air flow can effectively solve the problems that traditional small fans cannot achieve, such as the air circulation in corners and hidden areas.
2.Improving indoor air quality
In the industrial environment, various pollutants and dust often appear. Dawang HVLS industrial fan can blow these pollutants and dust by the powerful air flow to help purify the indoor air. At the same time, they can reduce humidity, reduce the growth of mold and bacteria, and improve indoor air quality.
3.Energy-saving & high efficient
Compared with traditional small fans, Dawang HVLS industrial fan consumes less energy when providing the same air volume. They usually use low -power motors to rotate at low speed, which can effectively reduce energy consumption. For industrial enterprises, this means reducing energy cost and operating costs.
4.Improve employees' comfort and production efficiency
Dawang HVLS industrial fan can reduce temperature and improve heat discomfort by providing continuous air flow. In high temperature environments, employees are more likely to get tired, and work efficiency will get decreased. The use of large fans can effectively reduce thermal pressure and improve employees' comfort and work efficiency.
5.Suitable for various applications
Dawang HVLS industrial fans are suitable for various industrial scenarios, such as factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, etc., large fans can be flexibly installed. They can not only be used for cooling, but also for ventilation, dryness and circulation airflow in winter.
In summary, Dawang HVLS industrial fan is becoming more and more popular in the industrial environment due to its design and good performance. It can provide all-round air flow, improve indoor air quality, energy saving and efficient, improve employee comfort and increase production efficiency. Whatever in temperature control, air purification or energy conservation, Dawang HVLS industrial fan is a reliable choice.
Dawang new HVLS industrial fan stands out of many brands because of its unique design, superior performance and professional after-sales service. And it is the first large energy-saving fan manufacturer who obtained five-star after-sales service qualification certification.



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