The function of industrial fans


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Industrial fans can efficiently promote a large amount of air movement, generate super large air volume, form an air flow field with movement circulation in the space, and effectively control the air circulation problem in industrial production workshops. The area blown out by an industrial fan is directly related to the diameter of the fan. The industrial fan covers a large area, is easy to clean, and solves the problems of high noise and high energy consumption. An industrial fan, a giant ceiling fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters! It can effectively promote a large amount of air movement, generate a large air volume, and the rotation speed is only 50RPM, which makes the space form an airflow field of motion circulation, which is unmatched by other equipment.

The streamlined fan blades manufactured using aerodynamic principles and advanced technology can drive a large amount of air with only 1.5KW or less power, generating a large-area natural breeze system with dual functions of ventilation and cooling. Compared with traditional HVAC and small high-speed fans, it has unparalleled application advantages, making it a perfect solution for ventilation and cooling in tall spaces.

The entire design is calculated accurately to produce the best breeze effect for the human body. The wind speed is even and gentle, and the coverage area is large. In practical applications, the ventilation and cooling sensation it brings to the human body can reach 5-8 °C. The maximum operating power of each fan is only 1.5KW. The industrial fan products are beautiful, durable and maintenance-free, bringing you dual effects of ventilation and cooling.

The natural breeze generated by the large energy-saving industrial fan blows on the human body, which promotes the evaporation of sweat to take away the heat, cools the human body and brings a cool feeling. Usually this feeling of cooling can reach 5-8 ℃. The three-dimensional natural wind blown by the super-large energy-saving fan is more comfortable, because on the one hand, it blows the human body in all directions, maximizing the evaporation area of ​​the human body; With the ever-changing natural breeze, the human body will naturally feel extremely comfortable and cool.

In past ventilation schemes, people often decided which products and quantities to use based on the air exchange rate of the space. In this small space, the effect is so obvious that you can even see with your own eyes that the steam in the bathroom is quickly exhausted outside with the operation of the negative pressure fan. However, in a large and wide enclosed space, the effect of this ventilation is not obvious: a large proportion of smoke, humidity, carbon dioxide and poor quality air are still concentrated at the bottom of the building, and the negative pressure fans on the roof can affect the air in all corners. There is no impact, just people and equipment are there.

An oversized energy efficient industrial fan can solve this problem: the advantage is direct efficiency! It promotes air mixing throughout the space. Other advantages are the elimination of birds and bed bugs, the noise and decay caused by humidity in other ventilation schemes.



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