Which environments are suitable for large industrial fans


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In which areas can large industrial fans be used? Large industrial fans have excellent cooling and exhausting effects, so they can be used in many fields and industries, including: logistics and warehousing, automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing and manufacturing, public Cooling and exhausting of various regional environments such as regions. In the cooling and exhausting industry at home and abroad, the industries that industrial ceiling fans can use are specifically divided into the following specific categories:

1. The cooling equipment in the workshop is not ideal.

Some workshop owners understand some cooling ventilation and install a certain amount of traditional or other cooling equipment, but the cooling effect is not ideal, and a certain auxiliary cooling ventilation is required. In this case, large industrial ceiling fans can be used to assist cooling. Combined with the high coverage of large industrial fans and the effect of strong wind, the cooling and ventilation effect of the workshop can be more satisfactory.

2. Workshop with too much space.

Some enclosed environments and large workshops have a lot of space. In this case, the air conditioner may not be suitable for installing the air conditioner, because the coverage may not be well covered, which leads to the unsatisfactory effect, and it is because of this that large industrial fans can be used in this environment and can be used according to their characteristics. Get good cooling and ventilation feedback in this environment.

3. Often in the open workshop.

Many workshops and workshops are always open because of the frequent circulation of goods and the entry and exit of materials. If the air conditioner is used for cooling and ventilation alone, the effect is difficult to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, in this environment, large industrial fans are often used. A very good effect can be obtained, and the reasonable installation of several large industrial fans can make the environment of the entire workshop very comfortable and suitable.

In addition, the "fan complement" cooling and ventilation combination of industrial large fans and environmentally friendly air conditioners can be applied to most high spaces and factory workshops, and the cooling effect is more significant and better. The factory floor is equipped with large industrial fans and environmentally friendly air conditioners. Through professional design and calculation, combined with the actual needs of customers, two products with obvious advantages are scientifically supplemented. Both products complement each other, and in their respective roles, they are both greatly complemented. At the same time, they make up for each other's lack of efficiency, and the fan complementary plan reflects a good comprehensive effect and application value.


However, in terms of volume, large industrial ceiling fans are much larger than large household fans. Obviously, industrial ceiling fans are only suitable for large venues, such as basketball courts, gyms, factory floors, etc. In terms of design concept, household ceiling fans imitate traditional fans, and the cooling effect is average. However, the large industrial fan adopts the design method of propeller, which pushes a large amount of air to the ground, forming an air layer to move horizontally, so that the air circulation of the whole space can achieve a cooling effect, and it only needs to rotate slowly in the air to achieve a continuous quiet natural breeze . To sum up, I believe everyone finds that there is no absolute good or bad between the two, but the application scope is different, one family, one business. Therefore, when you purchase any of the same products in the future, you must consider your scope of application.



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