It only takes 2 minutes to quickly understand how many watts of industrial fans are in general


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Industrial fans are mainly used for ventilation and cooling in workshops, logistics and express delivery. They are divided into industrial large fans, industrial horn fans and industrial floor fans.

The industrial large fan is designed with aerodynamic principles. The streamlined fan blades manufactured by advanced technology can drive a large area of ​​air flow with less power. Different specifications have different powers. Generally, the larger the diameter, the greater the power and the larger the coverage area. For example, a large industrial fan with a diameter of 7.3 meters has a power of 1.5KW/H. At 1.1KW/H, a single unit covers an area of ​​380 square meters.


Industrial fan


The current mainstream industrial large fans are 7.3 meters, 6.1 meters, 4.9 meters, 3.6 meters, 3.1 meters, and 2.5 meters. Users can make reasonable configurations according to the actual workshop area, length and width, personnel positions, and workshop environment.

The main component of the industrial horn fan is an AC motor. The energized coil rotates under force in the magnetic field. Its diameter is between 560mm-780mm and the corresponding power is between 180W-280W.


Industrial horn fan


The main component of the industrial floor fan is also the motor, its specifications range from 10 inches to 20 inches, and the corresponding power ranges from 80W to 150W.


Industrial floor fan


Compared with industrial horn fans and industrial floor fans, the wind speed of industrial large fans is slower, similar to the natural wind speed. It can cover the entire surface of the human body and has a strong sense of comfort. Industrial horn fans and industrial floor fans have faster wind speeds and last for a long time. Blowing on the same part of the human body can easily cause discomfort to the human body.

The large industrial fan can have a good cooling and ventilation effect on the whole workshop. Its continuous three-dimensional circulation system can blow the workshop without dead ends. The coverage area of ​​a single large industrial fan needs dozens of industrial horn fans and industrial floor. fan to cover.



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