Industrial ceiling fan PK industrial floor fan


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As commonly used summer cooling equipment, industrial ceiling fans and industrial floor fans are widely used in workshops, warehouses, waiting rooms, supermarkets and other places. Next, compare the two in terms of controlling energy costs, improving environmental comfort, and improving inventory integrity, and choose a more suitable economical ventilation and cooling solution.


Industrial Ceiling Fan


The main problems encountered in the factory workshop are that the workshop has a lot of dust, strong odor, and high temperature and sultry heat in summer; the problem encountered in the warehouse is mainly that different goods have different requirements for air temperature and humidity. When the humidity is large, it is easy to breed mold. As a result, the inventory integrity rate has declined, and it is difficult to cool down in the semi-open warehouse in summer; waiting rooms and supermarkets are now basically covered with air conditioners, and the main problems encountered are low oxygen content and high operating costs.

The general power of a single industrial ceiling fan is 1.5KW/H, and its huge fan blade with a diameter of 7.3 meters can drive a huge amount of air of 1900 square meters to flow in all directions, which is equivalent to covering 6 times its own diameter, 1-3 meters / The low speed of seconds forms a breeze system similar to nature, which can improve the fan disease caused by the strong wind blowing directly from ordinary industrial fans. Industrial ceiling fans continuously evaporate the water on the surface of the human body to achieve a somatosensory cooling of 5-8 °C, while maintaining the water in the human body without causing dehydration symptoms and enhancing somatosensory comfort. The huge amount of air flow formed by it can take away the dust, odor, high temperature and humidity in the room, realize the dual functions of ventilation and cooling, and can be used in four seasons, with a service life of 10-15 years.


Industrial ceiling fans are used with air conditioners


When the industrial ceiling fan is used in conjunction with the air conditioner, it can increase the oxygen content of the indoor air, improve the sense of hypoxia caused by the long-term use of the air conditioner, and can increase the temperature by 1-2 degrees without reducing the comfort of the human body. Use can reduce operating costs by 50%. Industrial ceiling fans are more suitable for large spaces with a height of more than 4.5 meters, but not for small spaces. It is installed on the roof, there is no hidden danger of electricity consumption, and the vision is more beautiful.


Industrial floor fan


The single power of the industrial floor fan is 180W/H, and its 4-speed adjustable wind speed can be adjusted according to needs. It is more suitable for small space or single-station cooling, and can also be used for home use. Ventilation effect, blowing directly to a certain part of the human body quickly, which is easy to cause fan disease. When the industrial floor fan is used, it is necessary to temporarily drag and drop wires, which affects the appearance and the risk of useful electricity. Its initial investment cost is low. When a large number of floor fans are turned on at the same time, the operating cost is high. It is difficult to organize and manage the opening and closing, which will waste energy virtually, and the service life is about 5 years.



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