Sources of noise from large industrial ceiling fans


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Large Industrial Ceiling Fans are generally installed in factories, and the working environment of factories is generally noisy, so there is no noise generated by large industrial ceiling fans. strict requirements. But not all factories have noise, and the working environment of some factories is still very quiet, so the noise control of large industrial ceiling fans is particularly important. Therefore, it is very important to master the noise sources of large industrial ceiling fans and take corresponding noise reduction measures.
The noise sources of large industrial ceiling fans generally include connectors, fan blades and motors.


Industrial Ceiling Fan


Connector: The operation of large industrial ceiling fans will generate a certain amount of force. Long-term operation and lack of maintenance in the middle can easily lead to the loosening of the connector. Due to friction, the gap between the connecting parts will be large, resulting in vibration and noise during operation. This noise is mostly short-frequency vibration sound. If the user finds this problem, they should contact the large-scale industrial ceiling fan manufacturer in time, and they should be tightened by professionals to avoid gaps and effectively solve the vibration and noise.
Fan blades: Due to the disturbance to the surrounding gas and parts during the rotation, the uneven pressure distribution on the industrial large fan blade itself and the fan blade constitutes rotational noise. In addition, turbulent boundary layers, vortices, and vortex separation are generated when the gas flows through the blades, causing pulsations in the pressure distribution on the blades, resulting in vortex noise. The aerodynamic theory of equal chord length can be used to gradually narrow and thin from the blade root to the blade tip, so that the blade tail becomes wider, and the width from the blade root to the blade tail is 29.8~19.2 cm. The air volume of the supply air is more uniform, the driving volume is larger, and there is no cavity in the middle. Reasonable fan blade design can effectively reduce the sound generated when the fan is running.
Motor: The motor is a very important operating part in the large industrial fan. Under normal circumstances, the rotation of the motor bearing will produce a natural sound, so there is almost no problem. However, the natural vibration of the motor of the bearing resonates with the material of the motor components, and the axial spring constant of the bearing causes the motor to vibrate in the axial direction of the rotor, resulting in friction and noise due to poor lubrication. At this time, replacing the lubricating oil can reduce the noise caused by the click friction and prolong the service life of the motor. The use of energy-efficient industrial fans is also increasing.



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