Reasons to choose an industrial ceiling fan


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Industrial fan ceiling fan installation area: In terms of installation area, if you want to meet the cooling needs of large factories, the central air conditioner will definitely not be normal Work. This number will be huge. The initial investment is unacceptable to many people. If you look at it in the long run, the running cost of the central air conditioner in the later stage is even astronomical. The installation of traditional ventilation equipment such as fans and blowers is not only complicated, but also has a ventilation effect, and the heat dissipation effect is not ideal. There are very few industrial fans ceiling fans in a uniform area.


Industrial Ceiling Fan


Cooling effect: The role of central air conditioning is self-evident. If the company pursues the effect, then the central air conditioner is a better choice, but usually the company rarely uses the central air conditioner in a large area of ​​the factory. Why? There is only one reason. The initial investment and later energy consumption are very large, and most enterprises will not choose. Traditional fans, fans and other equipment only have ventilation function, and the heat dissipation effect is not obvious; industrial fans and ceiling fans can quickly reduce human body temperature by 4-6 °C, increase human comfort, and provide employees with a comfortable and dry working environment.
Price: If calculated according to the total installation cost and operating cost, the cost before installation of the central air conditioner and the energy cost after operation are large; due to the troublesome installation, the fan needs to be drilled. If the area is too large, the corresponding number will increase, and the total cost will not be very low, but it is still very cost-effective compared with the central air conditioner; but although the price of a single industrial ceiling fan will be higher, the installation cost and later operation cost are high. In contrast, an industrial ceiling fan is a cost-effective type of factory cooling.
The above are the reasons for choosing an industrial ceiling fan explained by Industrial big fan Dawang ventilation safety, Dawang ventilation, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.



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