Selection of Inverter for Large Industrial Fans


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It is recommended to install both central air conditioners and large industrial fans in commercial places such as waiting rooms, showrooms, gyms, etc. Large industrial fans can be used alone in spring and autumn to reduce the body temperature, remove moisture and mold, and prevent the floor from slipping. In summer, please use both central air conditioners and large industrial fans. It can eliminate air stratification, shorten the operating time of the air conditioner, and increase the set temperature of the air conditioner. While ensuring the comfort of the human body, the energy consumption is greatly reduced. At the same time, it increases the oxygen content in the air of the space and prevents air-conditioning diseases. In winter, turn the industrial ceiling fan upside down to push the hot air from the high altitude to the ground, and mix the hot and cold air, which can lower the set temperature of the air conditioner. Long-term combined use can reduce energy consumption to half of the central air conditioner alone.


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When selecting inverter power, pay attention to the relationship between inverter load rate and efficiency. The system efficiency is equal to the product of the inverter efficiency and the motor efficiency. From the perspective of efficiency, the following points should be paid attention to when selecting the inverter power: when the inverter power is equal to the motor power, it is more suitable to facilitate the operation of the inverter in an efficient state. The power of the inverter should be as close as possible to the power of the motor and slightly larger than the power of the motor. When the motor starts frequently, the brake works frequently or the load is large, a large inverter can be selected to promote the long-term safe operation of the inverter.
According to the test of Dawang Ventilation, the actual power of the motor is indeed too large. You can consider using an inverter with a power smaller than that of the motor, but pay attention to whether the instantaneous peak current will cause overcurrent protection. When the power of the inverter is different from that of the motor, the parameter settings of the industrial ceiling fan inverter must be adjusted accordingly to achieve a higher energy saving effect.



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