The role of industrial fans ceiling fans


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Employees who are exposed to sweltering environments for a long time may easily lose the balance of the body's temperature balance mechanism, which may even lead to electric shocks. Working in such a stuffy space, it is easy to find that the frequency of brain hypoxia is not right, so the customer realizes that a large industrial fan needs to be installed, so it is urgent to provide a good working environment for employees to improve the ventilation of the factory, Cooling and ventilation.


Large Industrial Fan


Large industrial fans promote rapid air movement throughout the space. It is the temperature difference effect that cools the body temperature to 5-7 degrees Celsius, so that the bad smells such as smoke and moisture can be well distributed, thereby improving indoor air quality and improving a healthy, dry and safe working environment. To a certain extent, it can also dehumidify and ventilate, increase the oxygen content, and improve the work efficiency of employees.
Large Ceiling Fan has complicated installation steps and is safe and stable. It can also be easily used in commercial places of large workshops, large logistics warehouses, distribution centers: shopping malls, fitness exercise, entertainment places, other commercial places, ventilation, cooling, ventilation. Say goodbye to the tedious installation conditions of the past. With safety rings to keep any part from slipping, all fasteners can actually withstand 10 times more stress. At the same time, use an adhesive to prevent loosening. Large ceiling fans are attached to the building structure to reduce vibration and displacement. The hub unit has multiple protections, such as safety ropes in a fall arrest structure.
The design principle of industrial fans ceiling fans is completely scientific. With natural ventilation, coolness and advanced design concepts, combined with modern aviation wing technology, the large diameter (up to 7.3 meters) promotes the orderly circulation of air in a large area, and each unit covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters. The industrial fan ceiling fan is designed with imported aviation fan blade materials, which ensures the use strength of the industrial fan ceiling fan. Industrial big fan king ventilation safety is also very good.



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