Safety of using large industrial fans in workshops


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large industrial fanbecause of its good ventilation and cooling It is widely used in manufacturing industry. However, due to the large size of the large industrial fan and the fast speed of the large industrial fan during operation, if it accidentally touches an object, mechanical damage will occur, so safety protection measures must be taken. Specifically, when using large industrial fans to ventilate and cool workshops, pay attention to the following safety precautions.


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Be careful to avoid leakage: Because the large industrial fan needs to be charged, insulation measures must be taken. The workshop ventilation and cooling manufacturer emphasizes that the insulation performance of the product must meet the requirements, otherwise it will lead to leakage. Accident, which is one of the important reasons for danger, may cause electric shock, so be sure to pay attention. At the same time, industrial fan manufacturers, that is, your suppliers, must do a good job in related maintenance work, because in the process of use, insulation damage may occur due to aging, so regular inspections are required. and take precautionary measures. For example, well-known industrial fan manufacturers will conduct annual inspections every year to ensure the normal operation of industrial fans in the coming year.
Pay attention to the installation of protective nets and avoid illegal operations: Industrial ceiling fans are used as ventilation and cooling equipment in the workshop. If the rotating fan is directly rotated, there will be potential safety hazards. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, a mesh cover must be set around, and the size of the mesh cover should be determined according to the inability of the fingers to pass through, so that the worker's hand will not be injured. At the same time, the manufacturer of industrial fans reminds that illegal operations are not allowed in flammable and explosive places to avoid static electricity or fire, which may cause fire or explosion. This safety measure will also be taken when installing industrial ceiling fans to ensure the safety of industrial ceiling fans in use.



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