The benefits of industrial large fans to electronic equipment factories


2022-03-11 13:56:12.341

High temperature, muggy heat, odor and smoke are problems in most electronic equipment factories. The main reason for these problems is the high temperature in the workshop due to lack of ventilation and stuffy heat. If there is no air circulation, it is difficult to change the air when the fan is on. Therefore, the outdoor temperature of the workshop in summer may be 34 degrees, and the indoor temperature may be 38-45 degrees. In addition, there are many machines and equipment in the production workshop, the flow of people is also large, and there is a lot of dust and moisture. To solve these problems, factory owners have used many methods to install various ventilation and cooling equipment such as fans, air conditioners and coolers, but with unsatisfactory results.



Use a large industrial fan to solve these problems. The benefits offered by large industrial fans are as follows:
1. Solve the problem of no air circulation in the workshop: The operation of the industrial ceiling fan can drive the continuous flow of air, eliminate the temperature difference between the ceiling and the ground (or eliminate air stratification), and form a three-dimensional circulating gas. This airflow pattern ensures that the air volume reaches every corner of the space, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the space.
2. Bring a comfortable working environment: a quiet and efficient super energy-saving industrial ceiling fan, which drives a space airflow six times its diameter with a single extremely low energy consumption, creating a soft wind effect similar to a natural gust of wind, and constantly evaporates accumulations on the surface of the human body Sweat, reduce body surface temperature, unclog pores, expel heat, and make people feel the cooling effect of 5-6°C.
3. It has good ventilation and cooling effect: through the slow rotation of the large-diameter fan, the air in the sultry environment flows. When the huge and soothing airflow flows over the surface of the skin, it takes away the heat accumulated on the body surface and the sweat that blows. , so as to achieve the effect of cooling and comfort. According to relevant foreign literature, the human body feels that the temperature has decreased by about 5-7 degrees.
4. Improve employee work efficiency: Industrial fan The comfortable effect of large-area natural wind, by promoting huge airflow, can significantly improve the stuffy working environment, improve employee work efficiency, and reduce absenteeism.
The installation of large industrial fans has greatly improved the workshop environment of the electronic workshop, allowing each workshop employee to feel the fresh cold air, improving work efficiency, enhancing employees' enthusiasm for work, improving production efficiency, and establishing a good corporate image.



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