Factors affecting the movement of industrial large fans


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large industrial fanthe air volume and another fan The air volume varies greatly. Just like the engine and the small four-cylinder engine, the performance is very different. What are the factors that affect the movement of industrial large fans?
1. Size and power of industrial ceiling fan engines 2. Industrial ceiling fan blade spacing. 3. Industrial ceiling fan blade surface area (shape). 4. The distance of industrial ceiling fan blades is from ceiling to floor. 5. The overall blade span of the industrial ceiling fan. 6. Precision balanced motor.


Industrial Ceiling Fan


Industrial Ceiling Fan Components: An industrial ceiling fan consists of a hub, motor reducer, fan blades and a controller.
1. Chassis - Super-hard aluminum alloy imported by high-pressure forging technology not only improves the density of the material, but also improves the tensile strength.
2. Motor reducer—professional production to ensure product quality, process control, and timely delivery cycle.
Third, the control system - with radio interference and braking functions.
Fourth, the blade fan - adopts anti-fracture treatment technology and technical means to improve the safety of fan blades to a new level.
Safety standards for industrial ceiling fans.
1. Check whether the motor head and the parts of the whole machine vibrate when the low-speed gear, medium-speed gear, especially the high-speed gear rotates.
2. After the big fan rotates at high speed for a long time (at least 1 hour), please use your hand or other equipment to sense the heat of the front fan motor casing. If it feels very hot, it means that the large fan motor has poor heat dissipation performance.
3. Check the parameters such as speed, power, air volume, noise (the speed, power, and air volume of industrial ceiling fans are proportional to the noise, that is, the higher the speed of the large ceiling fan, the greater the power, the greater the air volume), the noise will increase, local cooling and The cooling effect will be better.
4. Check whether there is intermittent pause when rotating the swing head at high speed, and whether there is no suitable swing head.
5. Large ceiling fan adopts new tenon structure design, with real anti-collision function



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