Ventilation effect of industrial large ceiling fans


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In a large and wide enclosed space, the effect of natural ventilation is not obvious: smoke, moisture, carbon dioxide and a relatively large proportion of bad air are still concentrated at the bottom of the building, so a >Large industrial ceiling fans, even large spaces can be naturally ventilated. If the ventilation and cooling conditions in the building are not good, the quality of products may be reduced, and even a lot of losses and waste may be caused! Preventing air condensation, reducing bacteria and mold, large industrial fans significantly enhance airflow to control air condensation on floors or metal surfaces, making your work environment cleaner, drier, more comfortable and safer.


Large Industrial Fan


Large industrial fans can push a large amount of air to the ground, forming an air layer of a certain height on the ground to move horizontally, thus contributing to the overall air circulation; the advantage of this is that all-round ground coverage, Three-dimensional air circulation.
High space ventilation and heat dissipation scheme to create a comfortable environment. With the development of society, the requirements for the working environment of the factory workshop are getting higher and higher, and the health of front-line employees is more and more important. Improving the working environment of employees and caring about their health will undoubtedly bring huge income to the company. Today, traditional ventilation and cooling equipment can no longer meet the needs of enterprises and the times. In many domestic industrial enterprises, the heat dissipation effect of wall-mounted electric fans is always average, and the installation of a central air conditioner with a good effect requires a high cost. As a new product in the field of ventilation, industrial ceiling fans are undoubtedly energy-saving and practical, and fundamentally solve the problems of ventilation in workshops and buildings and heat dissipation of personnel. Large industrial fans have a wide range of applications:
Commercial public places: large shopping malls, supermarkets, professional bazaars and wholesale markets, convention and exhibition centers, exhibition halls, automobile 4S shops;
Manufacturing: Industrial workshops and production workshops.
Logistics warehousing, e-commerce operation warehouse, express sorting center.
Leisure tourism: large amusement parks, parks, tourist attractions, specialty farms, restaurants and entertainment venues.
Sports: industrial enthusiasts such as cultural centers, gymnasiums, gymnasiums, indoor training grounds, etc. Large air volume, slow speed and wide coverage can quickly improve the ventilation and cooling problems of large spaces. The use of Rundong environmental protection air conditioners can achieve full access without dead ends.



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