What are the factors that affect the effect of industrial large fans?


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Factors affecting the effect of industrial large fans:
In a large and spacious enclosed space, the effect of natural ventilation is not obvious. Because smoke, humidity, carbon dioxide, and a relatively high proportion of bad air are still concentrated at the bottom of the building, industrial large fans are needed at this time, and even large spaces can be naturally ventilated. Poor ventilation and cooling conditions in buildings can reduce product quality, resulting in a lot of loss and waste! Prevent air condensation and reduce bacteria and mold. Large industrial fans significantly enhance airflow and inhibit air condensation on floors and metal surfaces, resulting in a cleaner, drier, more comfortable and safer working environment.


Industrial Ceiling Fan


What are the factors that affect the effect of industrial large fans?
The main reason that affects the effect of industrial large fans is that the air volume of an industrial large fan is very different from that of another fan. Just like comparing the engine to the small four-cylinder, the performance is very different. What are the main factors affecting the trend of industrial large fans?
1. Size and power of industrial ceiling fan engine
2. The distance between the blades of the industrial ceiling fan.
3. Surface area (shape) of industrial ceiling fan blades.
4. The distance of industrial ceiling fan blades is from ceiling to floor.
5. The overall blade span of the industrial ceiling fan.
6. Precision balanced motor.
Composition of large industrial fan

Industrial ceiling fan components: The industrial ceiling fan consists of a hub, a motor reducer, a windmill and a controller.
1. Chassis - It is a cemented carbide imported by high pressure forging technology, which not only improves the density of the material, but also improves the tensile strength.
Second, the motor reducer - professional production, timely ensure product quality, process control, delivery cycle.
Third, the control system - with wireless interference and braking functions.
Fourth, the wing fan - adopts anti-destructive processing technology and technical means to improve the safety of fan blades to a new level.
What are the safety standards for industrial ceiling fans
1. Check whether the parts of the motor head and the whole machine vibrate when the low gear, middle gear, especially the high gear rotates.
2. After making the large fan rotate at high speed for a long time (at least 1 hour), please feel the heat of the front fan motor casing with your hand or other equipment. If it feels hot, it means that the heat dissipation performance of the large fan motor is not good.
3. Check parameters such as speed, power, air volume, noise (the speed, power, and air volume of industrial ceiling fans are proportional to the noise. That is to say, the higher the speed of the large ceiling fan, the higher the power, the greater the air volume)) The noise increases , the better the effect of local cooling and cooling.
4. When rotating the shaking head at high speed, check whether there is an intermittent posture and whether there is a proper shaking head.
5. The big fan adopts the new tenon structure design, which has a real anti-collision function.
What is the ventilation effect of large industrial ceiling fans?
Create a comfortable environment through high space ventilation and heat dissipation solutions. With the development of society, factories have higher and higher requirements on the working environment of production sites, and the health of front-line employees is more and more important. Improving the working environment of employees and caring about the health of employees will definitely bring great income to the company. At present, traditional ventilation and cooling equipment can no longer meet the needs of enterprises and the times. In many domestic industrial enterprises, the heat dissipation effect of wall-mounted electric fans is always very general, and the installation of a central air conditioner with good effect requires a high cost. As a new product in the field of ventilation, industrial ceiling fans are undoubtedly energy-saving and practical, and fundamentally solve the problems of ventilation and personnel cooling in factories and buildings.



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