How to prevent the safety risks of industrial large ceiling fans in advance?


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In recent years, more and more workshops, factories, and warehouse logistics use large industrial ceiling fans for cooling and ventilation, which has become a great opportunity for large industrial fans to improve recruitment efficiency and reduce the turnover rate of front-line employees. In the use of industrial ceiling fans, safety is very important, and its safety performance directly affects the production safety of enterprises. The safety of industrial ceiling fans includes the safety performance of the product itself and the maintenance in use.


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How to prevent the safety risks of industrial large ceiling fans in advance? Industrial fan manufacturers will explain to you.

Safety performance includes the connection method of each component, shock absorber, wire rope protection, leaf material, abnormal alarm system, etc. Among the ways of connecting the components of industrial large ceiling fans, the safer one is the mortise connection, and the safer one is the aviation-grade aluminum plate in the fan blade material. The integrally integrated hub fractional body is more secure.

Strictly follow relevant regulations when installing industrial large ceiling fans. Especially in flammable and explosive places, an explosion or fire may occur when static electricity or sparks are caused by illegal operations.

Maintenance includes regular maintenance, cleaning dust, adding lubricating oil, checking fan cracks, etc.

Regular inspections include electrical circuits, screws, bearings, insulation capabilities of insulating materials, motor grounding devices, etc. Dust can reduce insulation, so it is important to regularly sweep away dust and mud from the outside of the motor seat. The existing geared motor needs to be lubricated, so the lubricating oil must be cleaned or replaced to the designated location every 3-6 months. Cracks will reduce the risk resistance of the fan, so it is necessary to check before use or periodically.

If the motor head of the industrial ceiling fan is found to be shaking during use, you should immediately turn off the power and check it in time. When the speed, power, air volume and noise are abnormal, it should be checked in time to avoid increasing the risk factor.

How to improve the cooling effect of industrial large ceiling fans

I. Motor performance and ceiling fan structure

In some cases, the reason for the need to cool a dedicated industrial ceiling fan equipment is that the heat caused by the machine or the weather is too high, a custom industrial ceiling fan equipment is required, and a high performance motor needs to be released. Therefore, the motor of the industrial large ceiling fan equipment Functional and structural design are prerequisites for a high level of cooling performance.

Second, the overall cooling system design

Generally, the space required for large-scale cooling requires multiple industrial ceiling fans to work together to effectively cool the heat, so the entire cooling equipment matrix must be designed according to the principles of kinetic energy and airflow. Manufacturers offering high-quality industrial ceiling fans usually have ample examples. That said, custom industrial ceiling fan systems are often designed to fit different structural spaces.

Three, the use of scientific methods

After the industrial ceiling fan system is officially completed, under normal circumstances, the regional management should be fully familiar with the cooling principle of the system, and ensure that each operation and use can meet the requirements of custom industrial ceiling equipment in terms of power and operation. This is a custom industry Ceiling fans are the key to better cooling conditions.

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