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According to statistics, the domestic medicinal material warehouses are prone to mildew events when storing medicinal materials, which brings a lot of trouble to the medicinal material manufacturers. Generally speaking, mildew in the storage of medicinal materials will cause cost loss first, and secondly, if it is accidentally exposed, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, many medicinal material manufacturers are very worried about the mold of medicinal materials. So, what is the cause of mold? Generally speaking, the cause of mold is usually related to environmental conditions, and a humid environment can easily cause mold events. At this point, we must purchase ventilation and cooling equipment, such as the hottest ventilation and cooling equipment on the market, large industrial fans. But choosing a good large industrial fan manufacturer is not easy.


Industrial Ceiling Fan


The rainy season in the south has been long. If the ventilation and dehumidification capacity of the warehouse is insufficient, it will have a huge impact on the storage of medicinal materials. The alternation of high temperature and cloudy and rainy days in summer will greatly increase the temperature in the warehouse. Threshold for mold growth where mold will occur. Many suppliers of medicinal materials are plagued by this problem, but they are not sure about the solution. It is reported that environmental climatic conditions are closely related to the growth and reproduction of moldy mildew. Appropriate external climatic conditions can promote the rapid reproduction of mold. When external conditions are unfavorable, growth and reproduction can be inhibited or even die. By understanding and mastering its living laws, and using effective ventilation and dehumidification methods, large industrial fans can create an environment that is not suitable for growth and expansion, so as to prevent inhibiting their development and reproduction, and achieve the purpose of protecting the safe storage of medicinal materials.

Exhaust ventilation is the key to solving the problem. Therefore, many manufacturers began to look for manufacturers of large industrial fans that use ventilation. However, there are not many domestic manufacturers of industrial ceiling fans. It is easy to be deceived by abusive manufacturers, so herbal manufacturers repeatedly struggle with choice. After all, large industrial fans aren't cheap, so the choice still needs to be prudent. In editor's opinion, when choosing industrial ceiling fans, it's not necessarily a matter of consideration. The source and quality of raw materials can ensure the safety of industrial fans during operation. In addition, choosing an industrial ceiling fan manufacturer must consider its expertise. It is difficult for an immature manufacturer to solve real problems. After all, a good fan manufacturer will solve many problems for you and save you a lot of time.

We have learned that a good industrial ceiling fan produces high air volume at low speed, which is very different from ordinary fans. Low speed and high air volume can perfectly solve the problems of ventilation, cooling, dehumidification and mildew prevention with high air volume. , and the power consumption is extremely low, saving the cost of enterprises. Of course, some people will consider how to generate high air volume at low speed, and how to ventilate and dehumidify?

When herbal suppliers choose industrial ceiling fans, they must not be deceived by sales. There is definitely something wrong with the cheap ones. To learn more about industrial large ceiling fans, industrial large fans, you can follow us.



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