What is the fan function of the industrial fan manufacturer?


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Industrial fan manufacturers's industrial fans can most effectively promote a large amount of air movement, generate super large air volume, form an air flow field of movement circulation in the space, and effectively adjust the air circulation in the industrial production workshop question.

The air supply area of ​​the industrial fan of the industrial fan manufacturer is directly related to the diameter of the fan. Large industrial fans cover a large area, are easy to clean, and solve the problems of high noise and high energy consumption.

HVLs (high capacity - low speed) fan is an industrial energy-saving fan with a diameter of 7.3m! It is the most effective at promoting a large amount of air flow and producing a very high volume of air. The rotation speed only needs 50rpm to form a moving and circulating air flow field in the space, which is unmatched by other equipment.

The fan of the industrial fan manufacturer adopts the aerodynamic principle and advanced technology to manufacture the streamlined fan blade, which can drive a large amount of air with only 1.5KW or less power, generate a large area natural wind system, and have dual functions of ventilation and cooling . Compared with traditional HVAC and small high-speed fans, it has unparalleled application advantages and is a perfect solution for ventilation and cooling in large spaces.


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The functions of the industrial fans of industrial fan manufacturers are as follows:

1. Personnel cooling

The natural breeze generated by the large-scale energy-saving fan of the industrial fan manufacturer blows to the human body, which promotes the evaporation of sweat and takes away the heat, and brings a cool feeling to the human body. Typically, this cooling sensation can reach 5-8°C. The three-dimensional natural wind blown by the super-large energy-saving fan is more comfortable. On the one hand, the human body is blown out in all directions in three dimensions, which maximizes the evaporation area of ​​the human body. On the other hand, the reason is that humans have accumulated an experience of a natural wind in nature. Once there is a natural breeze with varying wind speeds, the human body will naturally feel very comfortable and cool.

2. Natural ventilation

In the past ventilation schemes, people usually decide which products and quantities to use based on the number of ventilation times in the space. In small spaces, this effect is very noticeable. You can even see with your own eyes that the steam in the bathroom is quickly expelled outside by the negative pressure fan. However, in a large and wide enclosed space, the effect of this ventilation is not obvious: the proportion of smoke, moisture, carbon dioxide and air of poor quality is large, still concentrated at the bottom of the building, and the roof negative pressure fan is in every corner. The air didn't work, but the people and equipment were there.

3. Dehumidification and dehumidification

Oversized energy-saving fans from industrial fan manufacturers can solve this problem: the advantage is direct and effective, it promotes air mixing throughout the space. Other benefits include the elimination of birds and bed bugs, as well as avoiding rot caused by noise and moisture that other ventilation schemes are prone to.

4. Use with air conditioners

It is used in spring and fall. When the temperature is 20-34℃, it will be very embarrassing for shopping malls and supermarkets to turn on or not to turn on the air conditioner in this weather. After using the energy-saving fan, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner, which immediately brings you a comfortable feeling of natural ventilation and cooling. The energy saving effect is very significant.

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