There is an earthquake, is the industrial fan safe?


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China Earthquake Networks officially determined that an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 occurred at 21:46 on December 22, 2021 in Tianning District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province (31.75 degrees north latitude, 120.00 degrees east longitude), with a focal depth of 10 kilometers. The earthquake caused a strong sense of earthquake, especially in Wuxi, Suzhou, Yangzhou, etc. Many netizens in Shanghai said that the bed shook and the windows made noises. The earthquake was also felt in Nanjing and other places.




What should we do in the face of earthquakes?
After an imminent earthquake forecast is issued, families should prepare food, water, flashlights, towels, simple clothes, plastic sheets, simple tents, radios, pagers, etc., and make emergency preparations for closing gas and electric switches.
Flammable, explosive and highly toxic items should not be placed indoors and should be properly placed. Do not stack bulky items on taller furniture.
Do not pile up sundries in the main entrance, corridor and corridor of the house to facilitate the evacuation of people.
After the impending earthquake forecast is issued, family members must obey the instructions of the local government and evacuate according to the designated route and location.
Now many places have installed large industrial fans, so after an earthquake, will the large industrial fans fall off? is it safe?



Industrial big fan


   The first thing to be solved in the application of industrial large fans is safety. Regular industrial large fan brands should make sufficiently reliable designs and corresponding safety protection configurations for product application safety, so as to ensure the safety of products in various extreme environments.
Then, according to the editor's years of practical experience in the large fan industry, various large fan brands on the market are mixed, and the quality is also uneven. Not all large fan brands can achieve this.
At present, the blades and structural connections of industrial large fans on the market are mainly divided into two types:
1. Rigid connection of conventional aluminum alloy profile blades;
2. The high-strength and good-toughness aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy variable-section fan blades are connected by tenon and mortise.
First of all, ordinary aluminum alloy profiles and other cross-section blades are heavy, and most of them are rigidly connected by bolts. During the operation of the fan, all parts are rigidly stressed, which cannot effectively absorb the stress from the air turbulence and the resonance of the various structural parts of the fan operation itself. . Especially for fans that are running when an earthquake occurs, it is easy to cause unbalanced operation of fans due to earthquakes. There are great security risks.
The Dawang patented variable-section streamlined wing blade adopts a reliable aviation riveting process, and the blade and the wheel are connected by a patented tenon-and-mortise structure design, which can eliminate the impact of external force on the balance of the fan operation through the variable adjustment characteristics of the connection part. , to ensure the smooth operation of the host, and provide a reliable security guarantee for various extreme conditions applications.
As the saying goes: three points depend on quality, seven points depend on installation. This sentence is especially applicable to the industrial large fan industry.
In addition to the product quality itself, in order to ensure the safe use of industrial large fans, it is particularly important to have reliable specifications for the entire installation and after-sales process. As the first enterprise in the industry to pass the product after-sales service system certification and obtain the five-star after-sales service certification, Dawang Ventilation strictly implements the after-sales service specifications for industrial large fans, focusing, professional, efficient, safe, and worry-free after-sales.



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